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Fast. Reliable. Innovative. Easy Product Finder 2.

The Easy Product Finder from TROX has become a vital tool in the HVAC industry. The design programme now has a modern design and the intuitive concept that simplifies its use.
  • Faster and easier designing
  • Reliable technical data and numerous reporting functions
  • Innovative solutions and interactive wizards

Convince yourself and learn about the new Easy Product Finder 2.
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Advantages of the new Easy Product Finder

The new design and functionalities permit the user a free arrangement of the interface and adapt to the user's individual needs. The Easy Product Finder simplifies and assists with fast accurate work.

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EFP2 Operation


Basic settings, like units or languages, can be made in the program using the menu bar. For some product groups, basic settings can be preset for consideration in the design. Furthermore, the product groups can, if required, be displayed or hidden "View", and the bill of materials can be called.

Project tree / Navigation

The project tree is used for project organisation. All selected products are listed here. You can navigate in the project tree simply and fast using the mouse or keyboard.

Product tree / Navigation

The product tree is used as an overview and for navigation through the various products. It acts like an Explorer and simplifies the target search. Please note that product groups can be displayed and hidden.


The workspace is used for the actual designing of the products. It has the same structure across all product groups.

Workspace picture 1

Search function – fast access

The search function is directly available on the program user interface. The search works like a search engine. Just enter the name or part of the name of a product and the search will display the possible results, whereby the search terms are highlighted in yellow. For a better orientation, additional names and the product group are displayed.

Search function – fast access picture 1
EFP2 Project

Project organisation / Structural level

A structure and diagram of the real project are recommended for larger projects. For this purpose, structural levels like floors or rooms can be added. Here, call the shortcut menu using the right mouse button. The names of the levels, rooms, and positions can be edited and adapted at any time in the project tree.

Project organisation – copying of the position/structural level/rooms, description, quantity, etc.

Positions and structural levels can be copied and moved as required. This simplifies your work and permits a fast design, even of more complex projects. In addition, the quantities can be changed here subsequently without the actual product design having to be changed. Neutral free text positions that are important for the project can also be added via the shortcut menu. The free text positions are naturally listed and documented in the project's bill of material.

User-friendly saving concept

The new Easy Product Finder has an intuitive saving concept. The user decides whether the selected project or the changes made are assumed in the project. The symbols always indicate how the current design is being handled. In this way, easy adding, editing, or replacing of project positions is possible.

EFP2 Workspace

Order Code

The workspace always starts with the order code of the respective product. The order code can be edited and the necessary settings like size, construction, or accessories can be configured. This form of designing is recommended for experienced users and for fast designing.

Entry of design parameters

For all products, the necessary entry parameters, like volume flow rates, velocities, temperature differences, differential pressures, and specifications regarding acoustics and control components, can be defined here.

Output of results / Selection

Depending on the entries made and the specifications, the ventilation and acoustic results are shown here and the relevant products are listed, if relevant. The selected product can now be added easily to the project.

Media Centre (diagram, interactive dimensional sketches, videos)

The media centre contains a lot of useful additional information on the products. In addition to the product photos, it also has function diagrams and function videos that help you select the products you need. For some products, interactive dimensional diagrams are included in which you can see the changes you made directly and thus optimally design the product.

Media control (diagram, interactive dimensional sketches, videos) picture 1 Media control (diagram, interactive dimensional sketches, videos) picture 2 Media control (diagram, interactive dimensional sketches, videos) picture 3

Room wizard

Via the Wizards menu item, you can call the available room wizards. For the designing of rooms, we recommend the use of the wizards since you can enter the real room data and design criteria and thus achieve optimum, extremely efficient results.

Room wizard picture 1 Room wizard picture 2 Room wizard picture 3
EFP2 Documentation

3D graphics according to VDI 3805

3D graphics are available for the visual representation of the products under the "Drawing" tab. The graphics are based on VDI 3805 and can also be exported.

Specification texts

After the design of the products, Easy Product Finder generates type-related specification texts. Under the order details, the texts can be called and copied into the clipboard for later use.

Specification texts picture 1

Report printing

Various reports are available for simple and precise documentation. Only the specification texts of the products or an entire project or a comprehensive report including the technical input parameters and results can be printed.

Report printing picture 1

Bill of material

The new version contains a bill of materials for a quick overview of the design products. Here, the products are listed, including the order code and the most important technical parameters. In the bill of materials, the quantities can be adapted and these changes are assumed automatically in the project.

Bill of material picture 1
Easy Product Finder